Kim K Can Close Her Kimono, Mueller To Open His? 6.27.19

In episode 422, Jack and special guest host super producer Nick Stumpf are joined by Creature Feature podcast host Katie Goldin to discuss the controversial name for Kim Kardashians new shape wear, Trump making a joke about McCain's death, Robert Mueller planning to testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, Tucker Carlson agreeing with Elizabeth Warren's 'economic patriotism' plan, Charmin's Forever Rolltoilet paper roll, and more!


1.Kim Kardashian's Kimono lingerie line sparks Japanese anger

2.Trump’s bizarre attack on McCain lowlights raucous speech to evangelical group

3. Impeachment backers say Mueller's testimony could be a game-changer

4. Tucker Carlson: Elizabeth Warren's "Economic Patriotism" Plan "Sounds Like Donald Trump At His Best"

5. Millennials Are Finally Getting The Giant Roll Of Toilet Paper They Deserve

6. WATCH: Cate Le Bon - Home to You (Official Video)

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