Lord Beer Our Prayer, Exoneration Nation 3.27.19

In episode 357, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and scam goddess Laci Mosley to discuss The Sun tabloids coming for A-Rod, Jussie Smollett's charges being dropped, Trump trying to kill Obamacare, a suburb in New York banning unvaccinated children from the public, when to expect the public version of the Mueller Report, Senator Mike Lee trying to take down the Green New Deal, The Craft remake, a man drinking only beer for lent, and more!


1. Jennifer Lopez’s fiance Alex Rodriguez sexted British Playboy model and begged for threesomes just weeks before he proposed

2. Prosecutors dismiss charges against Smollett, draw backlash

3. Trump hands Democrats a gift with new effort to kill Obamacare

4. New York Suburb to Declare Measles Emergency, Barring Unvaccinated Children From Public

5. Amid a Measles Outbreak, an Ultra-Orthodox Nurse Fights Vaccination Fears in Her Community

6. Mueller report details to be issued in 'weeks, not months': Justice Department

7. If Mueller’s report is great news for Trump, why can’t we see it?

8. Here is part of Sen. Mike Lee's floor speech on the #GreenNewDeal

9. There’s one serious proposal in Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-Utah) absurd remarks on climate change. Can you guess which?

10. A Remake of The Craft Will Be Spawned

11. Ohio man pledges to subsist entirely on beer for Lent [UPDATED]

12. WATCH: Wild Nothing - Through Windows

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