Maga Bomber Parody Of Himself, Bieber Burrito Saga A False Flag? 10.29.18

In episode 262, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Vanessa Gritton to discuss Justin Bieber's lack of burrito eating skills, a suspect being arrested in connection to the mail bombs, the inevitable cries of crisis actors and false flags, the dog that tricks people into giving her McDonald's, the 'Clueless' remake, and more!


1. Justin Bieber Burrito Eating

2.Man in Florida arrested, charged in connection with 13 mail bombs sent to public figures

3. Alleged Kroger gunman uttered, 'whites don't kill whites,' witness says

4. What We Know About Cesar Sayoc, the Mail Bombing Suspect

5. The instant, inevitable cries of ‘false flag’ after bomb threats targeting the Clintons, Obamas and CNN

6.InfoWars Reddit

7. "Gold digging" dog pretends to be a stray to get hamburgers from McDonald's, owner says

8.Bad News For People Who Think Clueless Is Too Good to Be Remade


10.Emotional Oranges - Motion

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