Millennials R Killers; Harvard? Nepotism?! 9.25.19

In episode 481, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Tiff Stevenson to discuss Fox News apologizing for guest calling Greta Thunberg 'mentally ill,' Trump admitting to the whole Ukraine scandal, a possible impeachment, millennials killing the Amtrak dining cart, Harvard's admission numbers based off of race, Gucci's Milan fashion show, and more!


1. A Fox News guest called Greta Thunberg ‘mentally ill.’ The network apologized for the ‘disgraceful’ comment.

2. The GOP Knows Damn Well That Donald Trump Ordered That Code Red

3. Seven freshman Democrats: These allegations are a threat to all we have sworn to protect

4. Millennials and Amtrak Both Had a Grudge Against the Dining Car... but Who Killed It Off?

5. 43 Percent of White Students Harvard Admits Are Legacies, Jocks, or the Kids of Donors and Faculty

6. Before Sex, the Straitjacket?

7. A Model Staged A Runway Protest Against Gucci's "Offensive" Use Of Straitjackets During A Fashion Show

8. Gucci Model Talks About Transforming the Runway Into a Protest

9. WATCH: Slum Village - Reunion (Ft. J Dilla)(Prod. By Black Milk) | Music Video

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