More Like Concentration Spas, AirPod Sex = A Thing 6.20.19

In episode 417, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian JC Coccoli to discuss Trump starting his 2020 campaign, the Trump administrations thoughts on reparations, the comparison of concentration camps to migrant detention centers, music's influence on sexual behavior, Russia remaking the Chernobyl story to blame the US, and more!


1.Inside Trump’s 2020 Campaign Launch in Orlando, It’s Still 2016

2. More MCCONNELL on reparations: "We've tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing landmark civil rights legislation. We've elected an African American president."

3. WATCH: Ta-Nehisi Coates Takes Down Mitch McConnell on Reparations in House Testimony

4. Ocasio-Cortez Calls Migrant Detention Centers ‘Concentration Camps,’ Eliciting Backlash

5. The Crimes Against Humanity Are in Progress

6. An Expert on Concentration Camps Says That's Exactly What the U.S. Is Running at the Border

7. Predicting Even More Horrifying Conditions, Historical Journalist Describes Parallels Between Trump Migrant Detention and Concentration Camps

8. Music's Behavior On Sexual Behavior

9. Russian TV to air its own patriotic retelling of Chernobyl story

10. Russia to make its own show about Chernobyl that implicates the US

11. WATCH: Madison McFerrin - Insane

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