Mueller Can’t Save Us From Schultz, ‘Ariana’ Means ‘Idiot’ In Japanese 2.1.19

In episode 321, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and artist Anna Salinas to discuss the Rams male cheerleaders making history at the Super Bowl, the half time show analysis, the Mueller probe apparently coming to a close soon, Howard Schultz comments on his CNN interview, disappointing follow ups to games and movies, Ariana Grande attempting to fix her tattoo, Cardi B getting back together with Offset, the best cold weather content, and more!


1. Rams’ male cheerleaders make NFL history at Super Bowl

2. Four ways to guarantee Super Bowl halftime show success. You're welcome, Maroon 5

3. Mueller closes the circle of Russian collusion on Trump

4. Mueller investigation is ‘close to being completed,’ acting attorney general says

5. The Top 432,698 Reasons Acting AG Meatball Is Full Of Sh*t About The Mueller Probe Being Almost Over

6. Acting AG Whitaker sounds guilty as he stammers through his Mueller announcement.

7. Cooper to Schultz: Do you know how to beat Trump?

8. Ariana Grande Updated Her Japanese Tattoo Typo — But It's Still Not Quite Right

9. CARDI B BACK WITH OFFSET ... He Vows No More Groupies!!!

10. Woman’s hair completely froze in gravity-defying style in subzero temperatures

11. It's so cold in Minnesota, these police uniforms froze!

12. WATCH: Kari Faux - Lie 2 My Face

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