New Coke, Who Dis? No Justice, No Infrastructure 5.23.19

In episode 398, Jack and Miles are joined by singer-songwriter and host of the Peace Of Mind Podcast Bhi Bhiman to discuss the return of New Coke, Hope Hicks and more being subpoenaed, the release of the new Aladdin movie, who your cartoon crush was, Christopher Nolan's new movie, Chris Broussard's 'friendship' with Kevin Durant, and more!


1. We regret to inform you that Stranger Things is bringing New Coke back from the Upside Down

2. House panel subpoenas Trump’s former top staffer, aide to McGahn

3.Trump, who seemed to be having difficulties with his mouth, just had a public temper tantrum that doubled as a news conference of sorts

4. How unpopular is Donald Trump


6. Gail Simone Asked Who Our Cartoon Crushes Are, and We Delivered

7. Christopher Nolan’s New Movie Gets A Title, Final Cast As Shooting Begins

8. Cap. Cap. Cap cap cap....u don’t have my number mannnnn

9.Peace Of Mind with Bhi Bhiman

10. WATCH: Bhi Bhiman - Brother, Can You Spare Some Peace of Mind?

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