Prison Becky, Trampoline Parks UNSAFE? 4.10.19

In episode 367, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Lydia Popovich to discuss trampoline parks being unsafe, thank you emails after an job interview, Candace Owens claiming white nationalism isn't a thing, Ilhan Omar being called anti-semitic again for pointing out that Stephen Miller is a white nationalist, William Barr releasing the Mueller report soon with redactions, the resurgence of Subway, Lori Loughlin being indicted on more charges, and more!


1. Dem senator calls for increased scrutiny of 'trampoline parks'

2. I've been hiring people for 10 years, and I still swear by a simple rule: If someone doesn't send a thank-you email, don't hire them.

3. Candace Owens Is Racist White America’s Black Friend and She Just Told Congress That White Nationalism Isn’t a Thing

4. Rep. Ilhan Omar called Stephen Miller a ‘white nationalist.’ GOP critics accused her of anti-Semitism.

5. Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership Meeting

6. William Barr Says Mueller Report Will Be Public ‘Within a Week’

7. Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” is officially the biggest song in the country

8. Subway's Menu Gears Up for an ‘Innovation Renaissance’

9. Felicity Huffman's guilty plea a "very bad sign" for Lori Loughlin, legal expert says


11. WATCH: Oscar Jerome - Chromatic Descendants

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