Ranch Is A Lifestyle, Str8 Pride Takes An L 9.4.19

In episode 466, Jack and Miles are joined by co-host of the Pod Damn America and Why You Mad podcasts an comedian Jake Flores to discuss whether Ranch is the new Ketchup, Trump lacking an understanding of hurricanes, Mike Pence in Ireland, how well the straight pride parades ended up doing, what Miles is f*cking with, the child who went blind because of his poor diet, a school banning Harry Potter, and more!



2. Can ranch dressing become 'the new ketchup'?

3. Hurricane Dorian: US Air Force snaps awe-inspiring photos inside eye of storm

4. Trump doesn't think he's 'ever even heard of a Category 5' hurricane. Four such storms have threatened the US since he took office

5. Mike Pence staying at Trump golf resort in Ireland despite all meetings happening on other side of country

6. One is the loneliest number at Seattle’s first ever “Heterosexual Pride” parade

7. Creep of the Week: Don Grundmann

8. ‘Straight pride’ parade leader said they’re a ‘peaceful racist group’ to a roar of laughter

9. ‘Straight Pride’ Organizers Stop Using Brad Pitt’s Picture In Response To His Complaint

10. Boston's Straight Pride Parade Decides It's a Cosplay Contest Now

11.Teen went partially blind after eating only Pringles, fries, ham and sausage: case study

12. Harry Potter books removed from St. Edward Catholic School due to 'curses and spells'

13. WATCH: TOMOKO IDA - Soumei

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