Republican “Gets It”? You’ve GoT To Be Kidding 5.21.19

In episode 396, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Brooke Van Poppelen to discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger being kicked in South Africa, Justin Amash finally finishing up reading the Mueller Report, Trump being angry at Fox News for covering presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, Game of Thrones finale thoughts, and more!


1. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks out after being attacked at South Africa event

2. Official Statement regarding the unfortunate @Schwarzenegger incident earlier at #ACAfrica2019

3. Justin Amash, tea party star, earns primary challenge for backing impeachment

4. Coons says he was "surprised" to see a GOPer say "publicly" what "many are thinking privately" about Mueller report

5. Trump hits Fox News for 'wasting airtime' with coverage of Buttigieg

6. Buttigieg on decision to appear on a Fox News town hall.

7. Fox & Friends is shocked that the New Hampshire crowd approved of Pete Buttigieg's call to abolish the electoral college, but Brian Kilmeade says that line only got applause because he stacked the crowd with his "friends."

8.‘Game of Thrones’ hits record 19.3 million viewers in series finale despite fan backlash

9. Daenerys Tells All!

10. WATCH: Miink - Scorched Moth

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