RUN FOR SENATE, Caveman Twitter 8.14.19

In episode 454, Jack and Miles are joined by Ron Burgundy Podcast's Carolina Barlow to discuss Chris Cuomo yelling at people who called him names, Trump's pettiness towards Justin Trudeau, the trades wars with China, protests going on in Hong Kong, the presidential candidates that should give up and run for senate, the new Princess Diana musical, Olive Garden's Pasta Pass, the death of cable, and more!


1. Here We Present Chris Cuomo at His Most Wild and Relatable

2.Scoop: Inside Trump's strange pen-pal diplomacy with Justin Trudeau

3. Trump dismisses farmers’ concerns over trade war as his agriculture secretary insults them

4. Chaos Grips Hong Kong’s Airport as Police Clash with Protesters

5. Hickenlooper would have a massive lead in Senate primary, poll finds

6.Beto, come home. Texas needs you. [Editorial]

7. The Princess Diana Musical Is Coming to Broadway

8. Olive Garden to America: Drop Dead

9. U.S. Pay-TV Subscriber Losses More Than Triple To 1.5M In Q2, Report Finds

10. WATCH: Yesterday - J Dilla - EXTENDED CUT

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