R(U)(S)si(A), Oprah’s Favorite Things (For Rich Slobs) 11.9.18

In episode 271, Jack and Miles are joined by podcaster Yusong Liu to discuss RBG's fall, the White House releasing a doctored video to attack Jim Acosta, Trump's attempt to push back on the Mueller investigation by making his friend the acting attorney general, another mass shooting in America, the left's witchcraft, Oprah's favorite thing list with super producer Anna Hossnieh, and more!


1. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized With 3 Broken Ribs

2. Reporters condemn White House decision to bar CNN's Acosta

3. White House shares doctored video to support punishment of journalist Jim Acosta

4. Trump’s Appointment of the Acting Attorney General Is Unconstitutional

5. US Mass Shootings, 1982-2018: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation

6.How gun control works in America, compared with 4 other rich countries

7. 12 dead in California bar shooting

8. What Do We Know About the Association Between Firearm Legislation and Firearm-Related Injuries?


10. Wicca Emerged as Controversy in West Virginia Election

11. Witches cast 'mass spell' against Donald Trump

12. Here's Why This Witch Is Preparing for Midterm Elections by Hosting a Hex on Brett Kavanaugh

13. Oprah's Favorite Things List

14. WATCH: Snoh Aalegra - Sometimes (feat. Logic)

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