“SERENA” Is “QUEEN," Don McGone 8.31.18

In episode 224, Jack and Miles are joined by writer Amy Lam to discuss Serena Williams and her amazing outfits, attack ads against Beto O'Rourke by Ted Cruz, money laundering and Chris Christie, Trump blaming NBC for fudging a taped interview, the top student loan official resigning, the dine-and-dasher finally being arrested, the reward for naming your child after the KFC Colonel, and more!


1. The Furor Over Serena William’s Catsuit Continues Tennis’ Policing of Black Women’s Bodies

2. Texas GOP shares arrest mug shot to attack Beto O'Rourke for skipping debate with Cruz

3. A Malaysian fugitive might have paid Chris Christie and a Trump lawyer with laundered funds

4. The strange tale of Chris Christie, money laundering, a Jersey rapper and Donald Trump

5. President Trump, without evidence, says NBC's Lester Holt 'caught fudging' taped interview

6. APNewsBreak: Nation’s top student loan official resigns

7. A serial ‘dine-and-dasher’ loved lavish meals and leaving women to pay for them, police say. He faces 10 felony charges.

8. Name Your Baby Harland

9. WATCH: Ghostface Killah feat. Jadakiss - Run

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