Shaqdilla, How To Fight Seagulls 8.8.19

In episode 450, Miles and special guest host Laci Mosley are joined by comedian Pallavi Gunalan to discuss Shaq's weird pizza ideas, Beyonce taking the Smithsonian by storm, Mitch McConnell versus AOC, the Joaquin Castro Trump donor list, how to get seagulls to leave you alone, the avocado-squash scam, and more!


1. Papa John’s newest Shaq-backed innovation is pizza… folded in half

2. Beyoncé's next appearance? The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

3. McConnell Campaign Responds to Viral Photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Cutout Being Groped

4. Holy shit. On Fox & Friends, Donald Trump Jr compares the list Joaquin Castro released of public info about who has donated to Trump with a mass shooter's kill list.

5. Scientists may have discovered how to get asshole seagulls to leave your food alone

6. Rising avocado prices force devious restaurants to thin guacamole with squash

7.TiRon & Ayomari - 2 Petty

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