SHOCKER: YouTube is Evil, OJ is on Twitter?? 6.18.19

In episode 415, Jack and special guest host Billy Wayne Davis are joined by comedian Mano Again to discuss YouTube trying to fix their algorithm, Democrats embarrassing themselves on Twitter, a weird video from Garth Brooks, people who shouldn't be on social media including OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby, the new Taylor Swift video, and more!


1. The Most Popular Kids’ Video Site in the World Isn’t for Kids

2. This is a whole mood. Text "Boy Bye" to 43367 to get this exclusive wallpaper.

3. WATCH: Garth Brooks First Facebook Post & Video - Amazing, Authentic & Transparent!

4. O.J. Simpson’s first tweet: A video of him saying, ‘I got a little getting even to do’

5. How OJ Simpson paved the way for Donald Trump

6. Donald Trump, OJ Simpson And America’s Complicated Relationship With Truth

7. O.J. Simpson Denies ‘Tasteless’ Rumors That He Is Khloe Kardashian’s Father: ‘She Is Not Mine’

8. Bill Cosby resurfaces with cringeworthy social media post for Father's Day

9. Bill Cosby Reportedly Decorates His Cell With Photos of Megan Fox, Beyoncé & Meghan Markle

10. 19 Hidden Details And Easter Eggs Taylor Swift Left In Her New Video

11. WATCH: Santigold - Run The Road (Official Audio)

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