SOTU: Tiffany Trump Gets It White, Millennials Killing Inequality Industry 2.6.19

In episode 324, Jack and Miles are joined by Billy Wayne Davis to discuss some internet ads coming up, Google searches from different VPN's around the world, Trump's State Of The Union, federal prosecutors looking into Trump's inauguration committee, more Howard Schultz crap, Fox News hosts being surprised that people would want to tax the rich, and more!


1. You sent me on a Google Search experiment. Same term in different countries (VPN is my entertainment saviour in Australia). “Watch people die” features but changes position…

2. Guest list: Here’s who you’ll see at the State of the Union

3. Trump's State of the Union address

4. New York prosecutors seek records from Trump inauguration committee: Sources

5. Federal prosecutors subpoena Trump inaugural committee

6. Trump’s Inauguration Paid Trump’s Company — With Ivanka in the Middle

7. Tiffany Trump wears white, the color chosen by Democrats as a political statement, at State of the Union

8. Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative Voters Preferred Trump In 2016

9. Fox News Hosts Are Horrified to Learn Their Own Polls Show People Want to Tax the Rich

10. WATCH: K, Le Maestro - Hatin On Me?!

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