Sour vs Chocolate Candy, Trump Making Impeachment Profitable 10.7.19

In episode 489, Jack and Miles are joined by SpendWell founder Leah Rappaport to discuss Nickelback meme Trump posted, what is going on in Ukraine since the whistleblower complaint, the Trump sons, Trump spending money on Facebook ads to spin the whistleblower story for his followers, Trump's secret vault, the new Joker movie beefing up security at theaters, the best and worst Halloween candy, and more!


1. 'Ukraine Gas Exec' in Trump's Nickelback Meme Is Actually Just Your Average American Douchebag

2. Explosive Texts Show U.S. Pushed Ukraine To Investigate In Exchange For WH Visit

3. Owner of Firm Tied to Hunter Biden Will Be Subject of Ukraine Prosecutor’s Review

4. Hunter Biden, the black sheep who might accidentally bring down Trump, explained

5. Irony is dead: The Trump sons are doing everything possible to make corruption a major 2020 issue

6.Impeachment Drives Trump, Pence to Spend Big on Facebook Ads: Democrats ‘Want to Take Your Vote Away’

7. Trump cranks up grievance machine

8.I Wrote About the Bidens and Ukraine Years Ago. Then the Right-Wing Spin Machine Turned the Story Upside Down.

9. CNN: Trump promised China he'd stay silent on Hong Kong protests

10. 'Joker' hits movie theaters with controversy and extra security


12. WATCH: Avelino - Belly of the Beast (Top Boy) [Official Audio]

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