Swalwell Gets It, Just Buy The DVDs 7.10.19

In episode 429, Jack and Miles are joined by Coming Out podcast co-host Lauren Flans to discuss Eric Stalwell dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, Elizabeth Warren out-raises Bernie Sanders, Trump's comments about Jeffrey Epstein and Alex Acosta, another white terrorist committing a murderous hate crime, the new Stream Warz, the Look Who's Talkingreboot, Stranger Things and all that smoking they're doing, and more!


1.Eric Swalwell Becomes First Dem To Drop Out Of 2020 Race

2. Elizabeth Warren Triples Her First-Quarter Haul, Outraises Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris

3. Trump Now Claims ‘I Was Not a Fan’ of Jeffrey Epstein, and ‘Feels Bad’ for Sec. Acosta

4.Deadly Peoria stabbing suspect, just released from prison, says he was threatened by teen’s rap music

5. ‘Friends’ to Leave Netflix for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max Streaming Service in 2020

6.‘Look Who’s Talking’ Reboot In the Works For Some Reason

7. Netflix Adopts Smoking Policy Following Damning Report, ‘Stranger Things’ a Top Offender


9. Netflix Vows to Curb Onscreen Smoking Amid 'Stranger Things' Criticism

10. Netflix Beefs Up Its Content and Ratings Warnings

11. WATCH: PFM - Impressioni di Settembre

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