This (Jeff) Session’s Over, Chasing The Perfect Wave 11.8.18

In episode 270, Jack and Miles are joined by writer Jason Pargin to discuss Jeff Session's resignation, Rod Rosenstein leaving the Mueller probe, Trump's post-election press conference, voter demographics in the context of higher education, a Breaking Bad movie, most Googled Thanksgiving foods, and more!


1. ContraPoints

2. Jeff Sessions Forced Out As Attorney General After Constant Criticism From Trump

3. Trump's chaotic post-midterms press conference – video highlights

4. Occupations and Their Ideologies


6. America Is Divided by Education

7. Exit Polls

8. Party Identification Trends, 1992-2017

9. The Political Divide Over Higher Education in America

10. Claritas Prizm

11.How unpopular is Donald Trump?

12. Bryan Cranston Confirms The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Is Happening, And He Would ‘Absolutely’ Star In It

13. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt going to trial in custody case

14. What’s the most-Googled Thanksgiving recipe in your state?

15. WATCH: Scientist - Taxi to baltimore Dub - 1980

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