Truth Ain’t Truth, America Is An Abandoned Amusement Park 8.20.18

In episode 215, Jack and Miles are joined by frequent podcast guest and comedian Jamie Loftus (Happy Birthday!) to discuss the top book charts, the box office charts from the weekend, top music charts, the recent google trends, Rudy Giuliani's appearance on Meet The Press, our generations 'quicksand' metaphor, and more! Plus a call with Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch.


1. Fact-checking Fox News analyst’s pro-Trump book ‘The Russia Hoax’

2. Box Office: Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Mile 22’ Picks Up $1 Million on Thursday Night

3. Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine, and the Alarming Normalization of Predatory Behavior

4. Streisand effect

5. WATCH: Rudy Giuliani tells @chucktodd that he doesn’t want President Trump to be caught in a perjury trap by speaking with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. #MTP #IfItsSunday

6. White House Counsel, Don McGahn, Has Cooperated Extensively in Mueller Inquiry

7. Terra Infirma: The rise and fall of quicksand.

8. WATCH: Kali Uches - Coming Home (Interlude)

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