Wilbur Ross Doesn’t Speak POOR, Zuckerberg Develops Taste For Blood 1.25.19

In episode 316, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Brooke Van Poppelen to discuss the adjective "wild," Mark Zuckerberg's meat obsession, the State Of The Union being delayed, the situation in Venezuela, Wilbur Ross's lack of understanding of the human race, Costco's new streaming-video service, and more!


1. WATCH: s m o k e these m e a t s

2. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: The Rolling Stone Interview

3. Editorial: Sen. Cory Gardner to break with Republicans on Trump’s wall — it’s the right thing to do

4. Top Venezuela military brass vow to back Maduro amid unrest

5. 5 Apocalyptic Realities In A Country That's Out Of Food

6. US recognizes Venezuelan opposition leader as interim president

7. Wilbur Ross: Trump cabinet member worth $700m ‘doesn’t understand’ why federal workers are using food banks during shutdown

8.Ross "doesn't understand why" federal workers are being forced to use food banks

9. Walmart abandons plans for video streaming service and will focus instead on Vudu

10. Can Costco Tap A Streaming-Video Niche That Netflix, Amazon Have Ignored?

11. WATCH: Hako Yamasaki - Help Me (Tsunawatari)

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