Yelp For Shook Ones, Budweiser Meat? 3.14.19

In episode 348, Jack and Miles are joined by writer and film critic Vince Mancini to discuss the top cities in the world, Budweiser's new meat line, if Joe Biden should run for president, Facebook being friendlier to Trump than we thought, Elizabeth Warren trying to regulate big tech companies, Trump's shady attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills, Yelp for conservatives, Jacob Wohl faking death threats, Manafort's sentence, and more!



2. No U.S. city cracks the top 30 on this well-regarded list of the world’s best places to live

3. Budweiser and Coleman Partner for New Natural Meat Line

4. The Old, White Giant

5. Elizabeth Warren calls to break up Facebook, Google and Amazon

6. Trump’s Big Tech Bluster

7. Facebook backtracks after removing Warren ads calling for Facebook breakup

8. Michael Cohen Claims Donald Trump Inflated His Net Worth by $4 Billion in Attempt to Buy Buffalo Bills

9. New York Attorney General Opens Investigation of Trump Projects

10. Inside Donald Trump's Shady Scheme to Keep Jon Bon Jovi from Buying the Buffalo Bills

11. A Yelp-style app for conservatives wants to protect right-wingers from “socialist goon squads”

12. Jacob Wohl Faked Death Threats Against Himself

13. New York Charges Manafort With 16 Crimes. If He’s Convicted, Trump Can’t Pardon Him.

14. WATCH: Donny McCaslin - The Opener ft. Sun Kil Moon (Audio)

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