The Geisty's: Most Appropriate Song Of The Year 12.26.17

In this special episode, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Maggie Maye to discuss the most appropriate songs, albums, and artists of the 2017 year.

The Daily Zeitgeist Presents: Santa University 12.24.17

The Daily Zeitgeist presents Jamie Loftus's much anticipated table read for her screenplay "Santa University." Cast members include Jamie Loftus, Jack O'Brien, Anna Hossnieh, Miles Gray, & Sophie Lichterman.

R.I.P. Papa John, Obamacare Lives? 12.22.17

In episode 54, the final episode of the year, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Brandie Posey to discuss Papa John CEO stepping down, Menghazi crims Michael Irwin, Eric Davis, 'bloidwatch, Paul Ryan, Obamacare sign ups, Netflix's Bright, & more.

Ed Sheeran Stole From TLC? World’s Most Entitled Human 12.21.17

In episode 53, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Ify Nwadiwe to discuss Wyatt Koch, Apple slowing down iPhones, The Office re-boot, Netflix's Bright, plus Pod Save The People's Deray McKesson calls in to talk staying motivated in the fight & more.

Matt Damon Tells It Like It Isn’t, Disney’s Creepy Trump-Bot 12.20.17

In episode 52, Jack & Miles are joined by writer Dani Fernandez to discuss the Goofy Movie, Disney World's Trump animatronic robot, Matt Damon's trash statements, Al Franken, Cardinal Law's death, Puerto Rico, tax bill, Roy Moore, Tom Delonge & UFO's & more.

America Invented Election Meddling, Diddy To Buy An NFL Team? 12.19.17

In episode 51, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Maggie Maye to discuss TJ Miller, the Panthers owner, Diddy, plus super producer Anna comes on to discuss America's meddling in other countries governments, tax bill, Tom Delonge & UFO's, & more.

So ... UFOs Might Be Real. CDC Banned Words 12.18.17

In episode 50, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Jacquis Neal to discuss Amtrak, the Atlanta airport, the CDC banned words list, an unidentified object spotted by naval pilots in 2004, Robert Mueller & the rumors of his potential firing, & more.

Weekly Zeitgeist 4 (Best of 12/11/17-12/15/17)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 10 (12/11/17-12/15/17)

The Anti-Star Wars Plot, If You Can Read This You Have Cancer 12.15.17

In episode 49, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Noah Gardenswartz to discuss how our phones are killing us, potential federal judges with no experience, Star Wars & Trump supporters, the weekly tabloid watch, Eminem's new pop up shop, & more.

Internet Dead, Menghazi Lives 12.14.17

In episode 48, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Carl Tart to discuss Menghazi crims Russell Simmons, Morgan Spurlock, Tavis Smiley, and then they get into Net Neutrality & Ajit Pai, Google search terms of the year, Omarosa, Paul Ryan, & more.