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On this episode of Zeit Court Jack and Miles discuss today being Friday the 13th (spooky!), the passing of Danny Aiello, the 'Penis Fish' washing up on California shores, and which Home Alone is best?

On this edition of Workin' on our Zeit Jack and Miles discuss the results of the UK Election, Trump bringing up the 22nd Amendment, Monica Ruiz about being on the Peloton ad, and Clinton Portis and others scamming the NFL.

On this episode of Zeits Out Jack and Miles discuss the shooting in Jersey City and the large police response, the Thanos meme the Trump organization created, using Google Maps in Incognito Mode, Ajax out of Champions League, and Slam Magazine releasing the "Best Hair in the NBA" list.

On this episode of Zeit for your Right to Party Jack and Miles discuss Nick Cannon coming back at Eminem, the White Island Volcano eruption, Green Monday being yet another shopping Holiday, and Lizzo going to the Laker game!

On this episode of Short Zeited Jack and Miles discuss the shooting in Pensacola, Nikki Haley's latest interview, Bath & Body Works candle day, the Knicks have fired David Fizdale, Kylie Rae Harris' toxicology report, and Arsenal may have a new coach!

On this episode of Thursday Zeit Fever Jack and Miles discuss Spotify's recap of 2019, the new Mulan trailer, Harry Styles' "Visit Eroda" campaign, and Eddie Murphy appearing on Ellen!

On this edition of Rock and Roll All Zeit Miles and Sofiya discuss George Zimmerman suing Trayvon Martin's family and others, the 50th anniversary of Fred Hampton's assassination, Jay Z releasing music on Spotify, and the new James Bond trailer!

Today on the Zeit Brite Jack and Miles discuss Kamala Harris dropping out of the 2020 Democratic race, the first Black Widow trailer, Lev Parnas, and Alanis Morissette going on tour!

On this episode of Trendly Neighborhood Zeiter-Man Jack and Anna discuss Cyber Monday deals, Billie Eilish not knowing Van Halen, Dakota Johnson on Ellen, RIP Lil Bub and "Hello, Cinderblock!", and Frozen 2!

TDZ Footnotes 8.3.18

Footnotes for episode 204 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 8.3.18.